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Dr. AR Sedaghat
President of Iranian Society of Radiology

Dear colleagues, dear guests:

In the past few years, Radiology Society of Iran has been among the very successful scientific institutions of the country in medical fields. Radiology Society of Iran owes this achievement to the followings:
  1. The very strong support of the members of the institute of both scientific and organizational proposed plans
  2. The more active role of the institute in social events, other societies congresses, and Ministry of health's proposed programs
  3. The successful continuation of publishing the Iranian Journal of Radiology (IJR)
  4. Achieving a constructive relationship with ECR and ESR since 2007, and the membership of Radiology Society’s members in ESR, also favorable outcome of two attendances of Iranian Society of Radiology’s booth in ECR 2008 and ECR 2009
  5. Improvement of Iran's rank to 20th among different countries in ECR 2009 in regards to the number of submitted articles
  6. A very outstanding attendance of Iranian Society of Radiology's booth in AOCR Seoul-2008
  7. Initiating two series of Radiology informatic congresses for the first time in Iran
  8. The non-stop effort of the institute to protect its colleagues' rights such as imaging fees, solving issues between colleagues and medical appliance companies, and following up their problems with insurance companies,…
  9. Although in early stages, founding the Iranian School of Radiology (ISOR)
Iran's annual congress of Radiology, is a significant opportunity to exchange opinions for professors and experts, and has been able to gain the attention of our colleagues abroad as well. We are committed to excel the quality of this congress by including the latest scientific topics and advances in workshops, discussion panels and lectures. We aim to have a noticeable contribution to the broadening of knowledge of Radiology in Iran and the World.
I do welcome all the attendees of this congress in the Olympic hotel of Tehran, and shake your hands all sincerely.

A R Sedaghat M.D.
President of Iranian Society of Radiology