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Dr. M. Fatehi
President of ICR 2009

Dear Colleagues,

As president of 25th Iranian congress of radiology, it is a great pleasure and honor for me to welcome all of our respectful guests and participants from foreign countries and different parts of Iran. The silver anniversary of annual meeting of our society has the advantage of relying on a quarter century of experience as well as recently broadened international relations.
ICR2009 has musculoskeletal imaging as the main clinical theme to highlight recent achievements in MDCT and high-field MRI as well as high frequency US examination of bones, joints and muscles. But the content of the congress is not limited to these items. Out-standing faculty from all over the world has let us plan for a comprehensive overview of diagnostic and interventional radiology of course with more focus on MSK system.
ICR2009 has a major emphasis on “management in radiology”. Although we have had few examples of lectures and tutorials related to management in our previous congresses, but this important issue has never been treated as a main subject in our meetings and “management” as science has been a neglected issue in training of radiology. We have included 18 hours of management-related lectures and workshops in the program of ICR2009 which has been kindly chaired by Ali Shakourirad MD.
I do believe that the only way to improve the role of Iranian radiologists in production of radiology science is to actively participate in “radiology research”. Without taking part in research activities, Iranian radiologist can only utilize the knowledge already produced somewhere else in the world. ICR2009 has 14 hours of lectures and workshops related to research kindly chaired by Mohammad Hadi Bagheri MD.
All practitioners are aware of the critical role of mutual relations between radiologists and referring clinicians in successful management of patients. ICR2009 organizers are proud of setting 11 joint meetings with professional associations. “Radiology from clinician’s point of view” is the other major topic of this congress with 22 hours of lectures and panel discussions. In these sessions, a group of radiologists and clinicians will discuss about most common problems in daily practice arising from imaging. This part of the congress has been competently chaired by Gholamreza Bakhshandehpour MD who has gathered a rather heterogeneous but large group of physicians in an elegantly scheduled program.
ICR2009 has the honor of participation of the highest level of international guests in its history. Active participation of a delegate from European society of radiology including Prof. Christian Herold, the president of ESR, as well as other members of executive council of ESR is considered as a symbol of growing international relations of our society. Participation of highly appreciated international speakers has brought a collection of update radiology knowledge into our silver anniversary congress.
ICR2009 has left a few records in the history of Iranian radiology congresses. The number of registrants, the number of submitted abstracts and the number of original research papers among them. It is for the first time that scientific abstracts has been reviewed by international reviewers, Internet-based by kind support of Microsoft research. All these would never been achieved without friendly support of Abbas Arjmand Shabestari MD, the chairman of scientific program committee of ICR2009. ICR2009 will be the start for annual selection of “gold medalists” and also for granting honorary membership to distinguished international scientists.
I have felt to be continuously supported by board of directors of Iranian society of radiology to organize ICR2009. I am especially thankful to Abdolrasool Sedaghat MD, the president and Jalal Jalalshokouhi MD, the general secretary of ISR for letting me actualize my ambitions in organizing a high quality congress. It is personally a great honor for me that Prof. Ali Radmehr, chairman of national board of radiology has accepted to become honorary president of ICR2009.
I hope ICR2009 provides an opportunity to learn update radiology knowledge, communicate with colleagues, visit the recent technological advancements and enjoy social events.

Welcome at ICR 2009!

Mansoor Fatehi M.D.
President of ICR 2009