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Dr. Ali Radmehr
Honorary President of ICR 2009

I am glad to see my honorable colleagues and residents on the occasion of 25th Iranian Congress of Radiology.
With the help of the imaging devices, the field of radiology is reaching new highs everyday.
In the very recent history, we were examining different diseases by the use of radiology and angiography. Diagnosis and eventually treatment was done by our clinician friends. I remember vividly 1354, I was working in the then Great Cyrus Hospital (currently Dr. Shariati) as an assistant professor when the EMI company installed a CT Scan device in the radiology department. At that time, this technology was being used for the first time and had no precedence not only in Iran and the Middle East but also in the USSR. In the same hospital we also had an ultrasound department which was not used by radiologists. Since it was a new technology there were no guiding books regarding this specific scientific method. Usually the pathology was determined after the surgery by the pathologists after brain imaging and examining the images. Almost 3 decades have passed since that time and huge improvements have taken place in the field of Radiology and diagnosis based on imaging. We no longer need Pneumoencephalography to diagnose brain diseases or arthrography for the diagnosis of ligament damage or Knee menisci. Nowadays doing high quality imaging on patients takes only a short time. My advice to young radiologists is to get ready for better diagnosis of different diseases aside from daily studies and research in the field of radiology. In the end I'm asking for God's blessing for my colleagues and friends.

Ali Radmehr M.D.
Honorary President of ICR 2009