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Message to the Congress

Dr. S. Rad
Gold Medalist of ICR 2009

I am honored to be nominated for the privilege to get hold of Gold Medal from the society of radiologist where I have been an enthusiastic member since its foundation. Radiology in our country is not backing a long history of unity. In old time radiologist people have worked solely for their own benefit and didn’t felt the necessity of making a union.
Fortunately since nearly 50 years ago we have formed this society to deal our problems with the higher directors of the country from one side and discuss among us from the other side. Although provincial as native, I have always felt close relations to those who were to decide putting up a multipurpose society. The aim of this unity was to trigger young radiologists who were enthusiastic to share their problems in a unique location of their own.
Encouraged to be one of the personnel who wanted to put up a society, I have tried, since then, to be an active member of this society, and at the meantime a lecturer in the University of Tabriz and a member of Board Examiner for radiology in the country. Having the general view of advancement, as a whole about learner of this profession, I travelled many times, without strict attachment to the homeland, to different provinces where really needed learning radiology. For this purpose nice cases and practical experience were gathered and brought to other universities or even non university sites, in the name of the Radiological Society, just to show them the existence of a society which is thinking of them and caring for their problems. It was for the sake of this intension and point of view that I was elected once as the president of this society, although it didn’t last longer because of staying far from the capital.
Now, after half a century, when I look back there are so many radiologists trained by our struggle and some of them even had become lecturers in the different universities to follow the same goal. It is so that I am getting proud of feeling so much gratitude from a society I loved and served much during my life time.
Hope new comers will continue the way, perfectly settled now, and think not only for themselves but for others too. We try to attract specialist people to be more enthusiastic of their society for whole Iran at least by taking part in the annual scientific congress and friendship gathering. I think we are all happy now of having a society for our own and enjoy the advantage of being together.

Saeed Rad MD and Radiologist,
An old member and founder of the current Society of Radiologists.