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Message to the Congress

Dr. B. Mohtashami
Gold Medalist of ICR 2009

Many thanks to Advisary Board who granted me the honour of receiving Gold Medal. This means that if you activate in right direction and good will at last somewhere will be counted, After obtaining my specialty abroad as Radiologist I came back to Iran to work and first I started my carrier as teaching Radiologist in Tabriz University from 1347 to 1350 (1968-1971) which one of my pleasure was cooperating with Dr. Rad a pioneer Radiologist, which has contributed lot to GI Radiology of Iran.
Since 1351 (1972)with encouragement of Dr. Arnavaz I started in then Melli and later Shaheed Beheshti Universith as attending Radiologist which lasted until the end of 1387 (2009)..My best pleasure during these years is the fact that countless residents came in contact with me and we made good and lasting friendship and some of them now are very successful and high ranking radiologists which I envy them and although their successes are mainly due to their ability and their own efforts many of them are on the illusion if I may have learned them something. Of course I do not deny that early period in Residency is very important on your foundation and I always did my best to be good in this period for residents.
Unfortunately I was not able to stablish my ideals in Radiology during these years due to many factors including personal shortcoming, adminestrative misunderstandings about Radiology, lack of communications with other specialties the false idea of other specialties that they should interpret images themselves and they don't need Radiologists which reflects teaching of their professors inducing all the time this idea to residents. Now that I am visiting an advanced County I see that it is impossible without knowing the full history of the patient and his old records Radiologist report a case and also see many other factors lack of them prevented us to become good teachers as we wanted to be. There are lots to be said however I should make it short. I think Society and Board of Radilogy are awaire of many of these defects and as diagnosis is half of the cure I hope endeavors of our young and energetic people will enentually succeed and bring up practice of Radiology to its proper proud place in future which it deserves. Thanking again for being so kind and considerate to me.

Dr. Bahman Mohtashami